Success: 4 Year Graduation and Positive Placement
The most expensive part of a four-year education is the fifth year. The four-year graduation rate for CU Boulder is less than 50%. The six-year rate is 71%. For UCCS and CU Denver, the four-year rates are less than 25% and the six-year rates are less than 50%. We must to improve student success. (1) Implement better degree-planning counseling. (2) Identify at-risk students. (3) Improve success at the course level through access materials and professors.

But graduation is the first step. Five years ago, the Leeds School of Business implemented 90% Positive Placement Goal across all its departments and programs. And in each of the past five years we’ve achieved above 90% positive placement through a student, staff and faculty coordinated effort of early engagement, placement skills and action plans.

Access: Easy Matriculation and Online Resources
CU must be accessible for all Coloradans – accessible straight from high school, from community college, from other institutions and for non-traditional students. This means seamless progression from two-year programs to CU’s four-year programs. This means CU degree partnerships with other institutions which leverage CU’s faculty and facilities. This means simple enrollment and degree plans for non-traditional students – those starting late or looking to go back.

CU must also be on the cutting edge of augmenting its high-quality traditional course delivery with highly effective online delivery. Most of CU’s full-time students already take a classes online. And almost all courses feature some online content – from posted homework or readings to recorded lectures and online examinations. Providing faculty and students with the proper technology will give students the most comprehensive access to CU education. This includes live lecture capture, hybrid delivery (blend of in-class and online) to fully online, distance delivery. Access to all CU resources improves success for all.

Equity and Diversity: Recruiting and Climate
Above all else, CU must be welcoming, inclusive and safe for all Coloradans and all students, staff and faculty regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age or political beliefs.

Education provides options. I believe a University education is the primary path to fulfillment and security in our society. CU must, in every way, uphold an environment in which all can succeed and thrive.

As Colorado’s premier postsecondary education institution, CU must be equitable and reflect Colorado’s diversity. This requires targeted recruiting, financial support and focused student services.

An inclusive climate starts with the President and the Board. It is the obligation of all CU students, staff and faculty.

Research, Discovery, Creativity and the Production of Knowledge:
CU is the state’s leading creator of knowledge and producer of creative and artistic works. So much of what we as a people know about science, society, medicine and health, culture, history and art springs from research universities like CU. The research and creative output of the four CU campuses improves the human condition, and most importantly, teaching where research and art are created, makes us better teachers.

The CU Anschutz Medical Campus consistently produces top-flight medical research and innovations. UCCS is the only comprehensive research and teaching University in the southern part of Colorado. CU Denver (CU in the City) serves Colorado’s largest metropolitan area. And with five Nobel Laureates, CU Boulder is the region’s only R1 University. It ranks 26th in the country and 38th in the world in the ARWU research ranking.